Rydeem of Light

Rydeem of Light International Gospel Reggae Festival Kaduna


Rydeem of Light International Gospel Reggae Festival is an annual music festival that brings together lovers of Jesus Christ and reggae music to feel irie in the Holy Ghost in Abuja, Nigeria. The festival also holds in cities outside Abuja, such as Kaduna, ‘The Crocodile City’. Join us for a day filled with pulsating bass, drums and skanking, accompanying the sonorous voices powered by the Good News.



1. Spiritual Upliftment and Worship Experience

The Rydeem of Light International Gospel Reggae Festival offers a unique fusion of spirituality and musical entertainment. Attendees have the opportunity to immerse themselves in an atmosphere of worship and praise, combining the rhythmic beats of reggae music with the message of Jesus Christ. The festival aims to create a spiritually uplifting experience where participants can connect with their faith through the powerful medium of gospel reggae. The fusion of the pulsating bass, drums, and skanking provides a dynamic backdrop for a day filled with heartfelt worship and celebration of the Good News.


2. Cultural Diversity and Unity in Christ

This festival transcends cultural boundaries by bringing together individuals from diverse backgrounds who share a common love for both Jesus Christ and reggae music. By hosting the event in multiple cities, including Abuja and Kaduna, the organisers promote unity among believers, fostering a sense of community that goes beyond geographical borders. The cultural diversity showcased at the festival creates a rich tapestry of believers coming together in harmony, celebrating their shared faith and love for reggae music. It serves as a platform for building connections and relationships among attendees who share a common purpose in their love for Christ.


3. Musical Excellence and Entertainment:

The 4th Rydeem of Light International Gospel Reggae Festival promises a day filled with top-tier musical performances, featuring talented artists and musicians who excel in delivering both gospel and reggae genres. Attendees can expect a feast for their senses, as the sonorous voices of the performers blend seamlessly with the pulsating bass and infectious rhythms. The festival provides a unique opportunity to witness skilled musicians and vocalists who use their talents to spread the Good News through the medium of reggae music. Beyond the spiritual aspect, attendees can enjoy a day of high-energy entertainment that combines musical excellence with the celebration of faith.


Mic Gojeez

Jimona Bafo


Udeme Usip

Steary Jay

Yes Band

Arrows Band

Dj Baliranks

Dj Kana Hit

James Alkali


Pst. Lordswill Angulu

Waksi Give

Ma Praise

Ma Praise

Brian Glad

De lion Shuwadada

Dave Azi

Ibi Dave

Mr Buzzer

Participant Reviews

Being part of the Rydeem of Light Festival was an incredible honour. The stage, the crowd, and the overall vibe were electrifying. Performing alongside talented musicians like Ibi Dave and sharing the platform with gospel reggae greats like Mama Lucee was a dream come true. The festival provided a unique opportunity to showcase our faith through music and connect with fans who appreciate the fusion of reggae and the Good News. Grateful for this experience and looking forward to more events that celebrate the harmony of Jesus Christ and reggae music!


Mendos Kachiro

Skanking in the Holy Ghost – what a liberating experience! The beats, the rhythms, and the pulsating bass created an atmosphere of pure joy and celebration. Everyone on their feet, dancing without any influence other than the Holy Spirit was refreshing, reminding us that worship can be both uplifting and fun! I can’t wait for the next Rydeem of Light Festival.

Nicodemus F.

What an unforgettable experience! The Rydeem of Light Festival seamlessly blended the spiritual essence of gospel with the infectious rhythms of reggae. The performances by Mama Lucee, Emperor Elchrisendo, and Yes Band were soul-stirring, invoking a sense of pure joy and connection with the Almighty. The networking opportunities were exceptional, as I had the privilege of connecting with fellow gospel reggae enthusiasts, producers, and even ministers. Truly, a day filled with irie vibes and divine connections!

Favour M.
Gospel Reggae Enthusiast

As a music drummer, participating in the Rydeem of Light Festival was a game-changer. The energy, the talent, and the spiritual atmosphere were beyond expectations. Connecting with fellow producers and instrumentalists opened doors for collaboration and creative exchange. The performances by our group, The Sons of Zion, and by other anointed ministers were a testament to the fusion of faith and music. I left Abuja back to Kaduna inspired and motivated to contribute to the gospel reggae movement.

Monday Aganison

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1 What is Rydeem of Light Gospel Reggae Festival?

Rydeem of Light Gospel Reggae Festival is an international annual Gospel Reggae Festival held in Abuja, Nigeria, and other cities. It is the first-of-its-kind event globally, celebrating reggae, one of Africa's original sounds that evolved through the experience of forced migration in Jamaica.

2 When and does the festival take place?

Annually, the festival takes place on the last Saturday of the month of November. In other cities, the times and dates are fixed according to local peculiarities in liaison with the Central Organising Team in Abuja, Nigeria.

3 Who organises the Rydeem of Light Gospel Reggae Festival?

The festival is organised by the Central Organising Team formed by the Gospel Reggae Team Initiative, also known as the Kristofarians. This non-governmental organisation is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission under Registration Number 169738.

4 What is the significance of the festival?

Rydeem of Light Gospel Reggae Festival aims to bring together musicians from Nigeria, Jamaica, and other parts of Africa and the African Diaspora to celebrate and bring back the original redemptive Gospel message that was the foundation of reggae. Since its creation, people have used reggae to fight against the physical enslavement and oppression in the society. Gospel reggae embodies the message that spiritually liberates the soul. While the festival serves as a platform to showcase Africa's original sounds and cultural expressions that have emerged through historical experiences of enslavement, it also ministers to mankind for the salvation of souls.

5 Which artists will be featured in this year's festival?

Owing to huge interest and enthusiasm, the line up of ministers have change from edition to edition. While the first year’s festival held on the 27th of November 2022 featured Raptureman, and other performers from Lagos, the second festival in 2022, featured renowned acts Mama Lucee (Nigeria), Ibi Dave, Ben Priest, Manasseh Bulus and The Sons of Zion, Jah Refugee, Steary Jay, and many more.

6 How can I attend the Rydeem of Light Gospel Reggae Festival?

To attend the festival, you can purchase tickets through the official festival website or designated ticket outlets. Stay tuned for announcements on ticket sales and pricing.


7 Who is the Chairman of the Trustees for Gospel Reggae Team Initiative?

Pastor Nath Ayo Aiyedogbon serves as the Chairman of the Trustees for the Gospel Reggae Team Initiative.

8 Who is the Festival Director for Abuja?

Odoh Diego Okenyodo is the Festival Director for Abuja.

9 Is this a religious event?

While the festival celebrates Gospel Reggae, it is not exclusive to any particular religious group. It aims to unite people through music and cultural expressions.

10 How can I get involved or support the Rydeem of Light Gospel Reggae Festival?

If you are interested in supporting or getting involved in the festival, you can contact the Gospel Reggae Team Initiative through their official website or reach out to the Festival Director for more information on sponsorship and participation opportunities.


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