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01 Mar

3 Reasons You Can’t Miss 4th Rydeem of Light Gospel Reggae Festival

In the heart of Abuja, Nigeria, a brilliant idea began and it is now resonating beyond its borders to ‘The Crocodile City’ of Kaduna. The 4th Rydeem of Light International Gospel Reggae Festival is set to captivate souls with a unique blend of faith and rhythm on the 1st day of April 2024. This is not April Fool, and you should not let anyone fool you; tell them, “Get thee behind me, Satan!”

This annual musical extravaganza by the Kristofarians, which has been holding since 2021 in Abuja, promises attendees an unparalleled experience in Kaduna that transcends the boundaries of culture and genre. For one, it will be the first time in that the Gospel Reggae Festival will be holding in that city and the year 2024 will be the first time two cities would experience it as the 5th festival comes up on 30 November 2024.

Here are three compelling reasons why you should mark your calendar for this soul-stirring event being curated by the exceptional Wonderman of Symphony Productions alongside AkweyaTV and other partners.

  1. Spiritual Upliftment and Worship Experience

At the core of the Rydeem of Light Festival lies a profound commitment to intertwining the spirit of reggae music with a deep and meaningful worship experience. For lovers of Jesus Christ, this Kristofarians festival serves as a haven where faith meets pulsating rhythms. The

fusion of reggae beats and gospel messages creates an atmosphere of worship, prayer, and praise, allowing attendees to connect with their faith in a way that goes beyond conventional worship settings. According to the founder of the vision, veteran reggae musician and worship leader, Mama Lucee, the festival promises not just music but a spiritual journey that resonates with the soul.

  1. Cultural Fusion and Celebration

Beyond the music, the Rydeem of Light Festival stands as a symbol of cultural diversity and unity. With events not confined to Abuja but extending to the vibrant city of Kaduna, the festival brings together people from different backgrounds, fostering a sense of togetherness. This unique blend of reggae music, with its Jamaican roots, and the celebration of Christianity creates an environment where cultural diversity is embraced and celebrated is what has been the hallmark of the Kristofarians. Attendees can expect a rich blend of experiences as they immerse themselves in the rhythmic beats of gospel reggae while celebrating their shared faith in a setting that is inclusive and diverse.

  1. Entertainment and Musical Excellence

Prepare yourself for a day filled with the infectious energy of pulsating bass, drums, and the artistry of skanking, all accompanied by sonorous voices delivering the Good News. The festival boasts top-notch performances from talented gospel reggae artists who use their music as a powerful medium to convey messages of hope, love, and faith. Beyond the spiritual aspect, the Rydeem of Light Festival ensures a high-quality entertainment experience. From the rhythmic beats to the uplifting lyrics, attendees will be taken on a musical journey that seamlessly blends the best of reggae and gospel genres.

As the 4th Rydeem of Light International Gospel Reggae Festival unfolds its vibrant mix of faith and rhythm, it invites you to be part of a day where the spiritual and the musical converge. Join fellow believers and music enthusiasts alike for an unforgettable experience that transcends boundaries, celebrating the diversity of cultures and the unifying power of music.

Get ready to feel irie in the Holy Ghost and let the pulsating beats of reggae carry you into a realm where faith and rhythm harmonise in a celebration of life, love, and the Good News. Save the date, 1st of April 2024, and let the rhythm of the festival echo in your heart!

Odoh Diego Okenyodo
Festival Director

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