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04 Jun

For Kristofarians, Four Rhythms for Receiving Righteous Favour

For our vibrant community of Kristofarians, who blend love of reggae music with the mission of spreading the message of Jesus Christ, understanding the divine favour is essential. Apostle Joshua Selman, in his enlightening teaching “How to Obtain Favour from God and Man,” offers a soulful exploration of this grace, underscoring the rhythms that can amplify one’s spiritual journey and destiny.

From Fans to Followers: Grooving in Spiritual Growth

Apostle Selman starts by distinguishing between fans and true followers of Christ. While fans might vibe with the music from a distance, true followers engage deeply, committed to learning and growing in their faith. This transition from mere admirers to dedicated disciples is crucial for authentic spiritual development. Selman emphasises the necessity of submission, mentorship, and a willingness to learn. He warns against a “fan mentality” and encourages his audience, including the Kristofarians, to embrace their roles as students in the spiritual groove.

The Melody of Favour: A Divine Harmony

Central to Selman’s message is the grace of favour—a divine harmony that transcends mere unmerited access. Favour, as Selman describes, is a multi-dimensional grace encompassing divine help, assistance, and God’s partnership with humanity. He shares personal stories to illustrate how favour has orchestrated his journey, emphasising that this divine harmony is available to all believers willing to tune into its frequencies.

Four Key Rhythms for Accessing Favour

Selman identifies four essential rhythms crucial for accessing this grace of favour:

  1. Honour: Recognising and respecting the unique qualities in others is foundational. Honour, he says, involves discerning, celebrating, and rewarding the distinctive differences in people. Selman stresses the importance of honouring those who have paved the way and paid the price for success. Selman says, “Honouring men is not human worship; we live in a world used to trivialising people.” He added that honour, if you embrace it, will bring you favour immediately. “Honour is a stream of income that does not need capital to start. Never enter the presence of honour and act as if you are not aware of it. Give people the impression that you are aware of their sacrifices. Ingratitude is a display of dishonour.” This principle fosters a culture of respect and acknowledgment, vital for attracting divine favour.
  2. Value: Developing oneself to be exceptionally useful within the broader context of the community is imperative. Selman encourages his Koinonia audience, and I extend it to us Kristofarians, that we should become the embodiment of value rather than merely offering it. By enhancing personal skills and talents, individuals become indispensable, thereby attracting favour effortlessly.
  3. Relationships: Strategic relationships are vital in the quest for favour. Selman advises cultivating connections with divine connectors, influential individuals, gifted persons, and burden bearers. He cautions against parasitic relationships, advocating for intentionality in choosing associations that harmonise with one’s purpose and destiny.
  4. Prayer: Fervent, focused prayers are instrumental in invoking the grace of favour. Selman underscores the power of bold, favour-centred prayers. Kristofarians ought to pray with faith and expectation for favour to manifest in their lives. Through consistent prayer, believers can provoke divine intervention and align themselves with God’s favour.

Prophetic Prayer: An Impartation of Favour

In a powerful conclusion, Apostle Selman leads a prophetic prayer, imparting the grace of favour upon his audience. He calls forth the necessary connections, resources, and opportunities to support their destinies. This prophetic declaration serves as a spiritual catalyst, activating the principles discussed and inviting divine favor into the lives of believers.

Embrace the Journey to Divine Harmony

Apostle Joshua Selman’s teachings offer a comprehensive guide for Kristofarians seeking to unlock divine favour. By transitioning from fans to true followers, embracing the grace of favour, and adhering to the rhythms of honour, value, relationships, and prayer, believers can position themselves to receive extraordinary favour from both God and man. This journey requires dedication, intentionality, and spiritual alignment, but the rewards—divine assistance, profound growth, and fulfilled destinies—are well worth the pursuit. Let the rhythms of favour resonate in your life, creating a beautiful harmony with God’s divine plan.

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