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31 Mar

Meet Manasseh Bulus and the Sons of Zion

In the heart of Kaduna, Nigeria, a musical luminary emerges, blending the rhythms of reggae with the soul-stirring essence of gospel music. Meet Manasseh Bulus, affectionately known as the “Son of Zion,” a name that echoes his deep-rooted connection to his faith and heritage.

Born and bred in the vibrant town of Zankan, Manchock, Manasseh’s journey into the realm of music began with humble roots. As the first son of the late Corporal Bulus Gado, he inherited not only a passion for music but also a rich culture from his Moro’a ethnic group in Kaura Local Government.

His musical odyssey traces back to the late 90s and early 2000s, where he honed his craft while teaching music theory at Kale Vision, an influential music ministry founded that the late Evangelist Dapo Kalejaiye. It was during this time at Kale Vision that his talent caught the attention of fellow musicians, including the renowned Solomon Lange, with whom he shared the stage in the Zion Music Ministry.

The turning point came in 2014 when Manasseh, alongside Tinash the drummer and Gunners the guitarist, founded the iconic Sons of Zion Reggae Gospel Band. This marked the genesis of a new era in his musical career, where he fully embraced the euphoric vibrations of reggae gospel music.

Manasseh’s musical prowess extends beyond vocals, as he adeptly plays the guitar, saxophone, and his instrument of choice, the bass guitar. His repertoire boasts over a hundred original compositions, each bearing the soul-stirring essence of his faith and culture.

Drawing inspiration from a diverse array of artists such as Dave Azi, Buchi, and Tarrus Riley, Manasseh’s music transcends boundaries, weaving together themes of spirituality, love, and social consciousness. His deep admiration for reggae gospel music stems from its ability to uplift and inspire, infusing every chord with a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Throughout his illustrious career, Manasseh has collaborated with notable artists like Phil Destiny, Monday Aganison, and Yakubu Aruwa, enriching his sound and expanding his reach. His discography boasts a myriad of albums, including “Zan Baku Rai,” “Nasamu Salama,” and “Hallelujah,” each serving as a testament to his unwavering dedication to his craft.

Behind the scenes, Manasseh’s music is brought to life by a talented cadre of producers, including Dave Azi, Emmanuel Aye, and Phil-I, who share his vision of spreading the message of hope and redemption through their art.

As the leader of the Sons of Zion Reggae Gospel Band, Manasseh Bulus continues to be a beacon of light in the Nigerian music scene, captivating audiences with his electrifying performances and timeless melodies. He is one of the artists set to shine the light this Easter Monday, 1st of April 2024 in Kaduna at the 4th Rydeem of Light International Gospel Reggae Festival holding at the Media Service Centre, 41 Independence Way, Kaduna, Nigeria.

With his unwavering faith as his compass and his music as his medium, Bulus remains committed to touching hearts and souls around the world, one reggae gospel anthem at a time.

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